Profile of Robin Hanson and Peggy Jackson (his wife)

Shortly after they met, Peggy and Robin decided to read each other’s favorite works of literature. Peggy asked Robin to read “The Brothers Karamazov,” and he asked her to read “The Lord of the Rings.” She hated it. “I asked him why he loved it, and he said: ‘Because it’s so full of detail. This guy has invented this whole world.’ He asked me why I hated it, and I said: ‘Because it’s so full of detail. There was nowhere for the reader to imagine her own interpretation.’ ” Robin, less one for telling stories, describes their early days more succinctly. “There was,” he says not without tenderness, “a personality-type convergence.”

That's from the NYT, by Kerry Howley, most of it is on cryonics and attitudes toward death.  For the pointer I thank Michelle Dawson.  Here is Robin himself on the article.  Here is Bryan on Kerry on RobinMy question is: why not save someone else's life instead?

There is more I could say…but I won't!


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