Assorted links

1. Layman's overview of P vs. NP and the new proof, and origami is NP hard.

2. Many prediction tools, from Ian Ayres.

3. Rumored Romer replacements.

4. Photos of "ugly animals," though many I find cute or more intriguing than ugly.

5. German growth beats estimates: "Laurence Boone, chief economist at Barclays Capital France, said the breakdown of the GDP figures was “somewhat surprising” because it was growth boosted by a 0.4 per cent increase in household consumption, which had been expected to be flat given unemployment and impending fiscal retrenchment."  Germany is growing at an annualized rate of over eight percent this quarter.  This divergence, however, does increase the strain on the euro.  Unfortunately, Germany is still quite exposed to potential real economy weaknesses from China and the weak eurozone countries.  There is more detail here.


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