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Did anyone else gag a bit by the bank note redesign article?

maybe in say 5-10 yrs we can redesign them again and add zeroes to each bill....(a Benjamin might have Bernanke on it?)

On #5-

Where are they going to put the Hasbro logo?

Those redesigns are painful. Regardless of what you think about Obama, can we all agree replacing George Washington with him before he is half way through his first term is absurd? (More absurd even than the premature Nobel.)

And then they pick FDR's first 100 days?

If they really are trying to propose a redesign they overplayed their hand by picking excessively political themes.

Ummm - if a rightist graphic designer had done this would it be interpreted as a threat against President Obama's life? Or are we going to change the rules about "only dead people on money and stamps" in his honor?

On the other hand, I like the justification for a vertical orientation.

By far the best organized Web site for classical music CD/DVD/MP3s is

Disclosure: I have absolutely no connection to this source in any way other than being a satisfied customer, and regular visitor.

Very clever. So far, I've counted at least 5 jokes aimed at this president: 1) He's The One! 2) Academic-journal look and feel (but of course the journal cover only). 3) The country was founded first of all on Him, then on Native Americans, then on the New Deal--with little in between (except for an abbreviated Bill of Rights). 4) The fifty sneaks in Hawaii. Him again! 5) And of course, he's sticking us with bills!

What about pieces of paper with just numbers on them? Make money "neutral" politically at least.

I'm a practical guy. We could make them like tickets or stamps. They should be perforated and come on a roll. They should be thin, but not too thin. I prefer the three sheet tri-fold technique.

She should have sampled Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth

the best answer to 5
Whom deserve to be in the bills?
Reagan, Ike( wwii) Melville , Poe, Emerson,Hawhthorne Ruth, Paige edison.

Good: Orientation change, different colors, different sizes, Rob Halford, dearieme's suggestions.

Bad: Everything mentioned so far. Plus Dio (RIP) and James LaBrie.

The answer is clear: put Rob Halford on the $1. Don't gimme that "but he wasn't born American*" cuz neither was George Washington.

Other candidates might include McDonalds, Wal-Mart, The Gap, Baseball, NFL, Rock and roll, The Internet, Slavery, Starbucks, Disney world, Porno, Valium, Reeboks, Fake T*ts, Sushi, Taco Bell, Rodeos, Bed bath and beyond, Liberty, White Slips, The Alamo, Band-aids, Las Vegas, Christmas, Immigrants, Popeye, Democrats, Republicans, Sportsmanship, and of course Books (list courtesy of Trey Parker**). And Brawndo (it's got electrolytes).

*Unitedstatesian, for the purists out there.

**Put Parker and Stone on the $2 bill.

The orientation change is the WORST of a whole set of poorly thought out bad ideas. If people hand the bills out vertically it makes sense to have the design horizontal, because the note will not be upside down for either party when it is handed. If the notes are vertical they will always be upside down for either the hander or the handee. Reading sideways is much more comfortable than reading upside down, hence horizontal orientation is best.

The same is true for counting. A horizontal layout with numbers on all four corners allow the bills to be counted quickly and easily regardless of orientation. If you have a stack of vertical bills that are oriented in different directions, you'd either have to count some of them upside down, or go through and reorientate them first, then count.

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