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The Bush Administration is responsible for pushing and getting passed legislation (Secure Travel and Counterterrorism Partnership Act) that eased the limits for being added to the Visa Waiver Program (such as raising the limits for visas denied from 3% to 10% for a country to be considered for waivers), as well as more specifically including a bunch of Central and Eastern European countries along with South Korea in the program.

This was done partially because of a desire to reward these almost-rich countries for providing more foreign policy support on Afghanistan and Iraq than many of the existing richer Visa Waiver Program countries (especially the non-Anglo-Saxon heritage countries).

So, does that mean that this fairly libertarian achievement of liberalizing the movement of people and improving Korean food is partially a positive and libertarian result of the wars?

[6. Low-divorce jobs.]

Why is the divorce rate for mathematicians (at the top) almost twice as high as for statisticians (at the bottom)?

9 Mathematicians 168.61
418 Statisticians 84.57

S. O.,

It takes creativity to be a good mathematician, and attention to detail to be a good statistician.

RE: #6

Number 14 on the list is 'steam railroad employees'.

Where in the world are there any steam railroad employees??

Where in the world are there any steam railroad employees??

That's what their wives are wondering.

Because statisticians know that its is unlikely that they find a better spouse. An mathematicians use to be a little weird

The rating agencies should be evolved into insurance companies somehow, so that safer financial products cost less to insure from a 20 or 50% decrease in value.

There should also be limit on the maximum nominal value of top rated products, perhaps 100% or 200% of total prior year's GDP -- so that 'rating inflation' is reduced.

Car/Pet washes are actually quite popular.

Does the internet make you happier?

Only when I'm reading your work Tyler.

@jimi, r4:

Durango, for one:

I would be extremely surprised to find this the only place using steam engines as a tourist attraction.

Uh, you folks do realize that the table that included steam railway employees was data from 1900?

PS, if I recall, the Mount Washington cog railway still uses at least one steam locomotive.

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