Assorted links

1. The impressive Melissa Dell.

2. The one-on-one meeting.

3. Canuxploitation.

4. Is there a core in this game?  Worrying developments in the politics of the flow of the Nile River.

5. "He has legitimate reasons for all the repellent ideas he holds.” — a good article on cross-political marriages and relationships.

6. The Kinshasa Symphony Orchestra.


2. Grrrrr.

Andy Grove is a big fan of the regularly scheduled one-on-one. And he recommended it for families too.


if you're a yuppie in the northeast being conservative is pretty scandalous. maybe you can get away with libertarian. nonetheless, the name of the game is false caring to improve social status in liberal circles round these parts.

Or in other words: are these movies being privelidged solely because of their Canadian origin?

This is like somebody watching Bonanza and announcing: "Lorne Greene, Canadian!"

All the couples interviewed are man-right/woman-left (though the article did mention Coulter). Is this representative?

Probably women-right simply don't find men-left very attractive. Men-right have to be pretty self-confident in such liberal environments, which makes them more attractive to women-*...

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