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"A Wheelie Horrible Accident"?

"The ultimate segue."

4. "And now for something completely different..."

'Azharuddin-worthy flick of the wrist' refers to a cricketer with very supple wrists (sorry I always feel the need to explain cricket references). Sadly got caught up in match-fixing.

The entire blog site of that guy is pretty funny: I recommend it. Fortunately, it has not denigrated into Pakistani/Indian sledging.

In some political circles, even Afghas are South Asian. And like the writer, I chuckle when Pakistanis are referred to as Middle Easterners. They are South Asians. In the UK, many Desi restaurants are actually run by Pakistanis and Bangladeshis (particularly the latter). In the UK, the "Asian" population is probably 60-70 percent Pakistani.

The fate of the Segway founder would like Bill Gates dying of a virus.

#4. Segway To Heaven

Farmer: I did mean Mohamed Azharuddin. Not sure why you would refer to Shoaib's wrists. Anyway, I do agree with MR cricketers uniting. If only Tyler would see the beauty in the game. I hope there is a cricket team at GM and that they invite him out one day.

@libert: Seems to me that part of the author's intent is to poke fun at some very real-life desi attitudes towards cost and attributed value.

#4: Suits vs. Geeks

re: 3

I suspect regulatory arbitrage plays a large role.

Re 3: How certain are we that hedge funds *do* make more money on average, rather than just having a much longer-tailed distribution of returns?

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