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I thought that maybe the Korean Wave was North Korean refugees making the long journey through China, Laos, to Thailand. Nothing so serious, sadly.

Message to robot dogs - don't f**k with my food!


There are a few studies on this, and the data are pretty noisy. However, global GDP grew on average 2.8% from 1980-2002, and global container traffic grew by 8.5% over the same period, which gives a 3:1 ratio, more or less. So the reporter probably isn't pulling the number out of his ass.

Oh, yeah--Pakistan's real problem is the cliches about it--if the reality were only more accurately portrayed, people would love it.

/sarc off

A harbor tour of Hamburg is really interesting - all those containers and cranes and ships. One thing these photos didn't show, in addition to the ship building and repair works, was a giant mountain of scarp metals. The metals come from all over Europe and then get shipped to China and the rest of Asia to be recycled into consumer products, many of which end up back in Europe. It's the circle of life.

My dream is to buy a container and fix it up, Extreme Makeover Redneck Edition. I made the mistake of doing one search for shipping containers back during the Haiti hoopla and now every popup I get is someone wanting to sell me a container.

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