Assorted links

1. How good is Twitter at estimating the strengths of earthquakes?

2. Robin Hanson.

3. Markets in everything: DUI scooters.

4. Markets in everything: a waste of good lingerie (safe for work, actually).

5. Michael Cannon's theory of how to limit Medicare expenditures: "Larger vouchers would mean greater demand for medical care. Yet each producer group's incentive to lobby for a higher growth rate would be much less than their incentive to lobby to increase the prices Medicare pays them today."


Why would you even try and use Richter in this case? With that sort of estimation, you're going to have to assume that your sampled population has some reference point for the richter scale and how it is measured. It would be interesting to see how observations related to Mercalli would turn out. I'm guessing that it would be much more accurate than Richter.

Bah. I wanted something closer to the NOT-safe-for-work end of the spectrum.

Is Robin Hanson the most idiosyncratic of the Serious Thinkers in [America][the English language][the world] today? He makes me feel like he is playing chess while the rest of us are still trying to master checkers.

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