*Listen to This*

She [Mitsuko Uchida] tells of how she once tried to get [Radu] Lupu to visit Marlboro.  "I got every excited, describing how people do nothing but play music all day long.  But he said no.  His explanation was very funny. "Mitsuko," he said, "I don't like music as much as you."

That's from the new book on music by Alex Ross.  It's not a comprehensive tour de force like The Rest is Noise was, but it is smart and well-written on every page and if you liked the first book you should buy and read the second.  The portraits cover, among others, Radiohead, Bjork, John Luther Adams, Marian Anderson, Lorraine Hunt Lieberson, and Uchida.  The chapter on Bob Dylan is especially good and it eclipses Sean Wilentz's entire recent book on Dylan.


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