Markets in everything

Deep-fried beer.

From a Texas state fair, it seems:

Fried Beer is a beer-filled pretzel-like dough pocket that's shaped like ravioli. Take a bite and the beer pours out.

There is also a deep-fried frozen margarita.



At the Texas State Fair, Albert Gonzales is King of the Deep Fat Fryer. At the State Fair, they issue a Big Tex award for the best new Fair Food of the year; Gonzales has won it four of the five years it's been awarded.

His first winner was fried peanut butter, banana and jelly sandwiches. Last year he won for fried butter. (Really!)

Here's the link:

Reminds me of Scotland: A staple food there are deep-fried Mars bars

I've never had deep-fried, but at home we made grilled pbj to go with grilled cheese sandwiches. Be careful with that too, for some reason the peanut butter seems to get much hotter, or maybe retains the heat better, than cheese; it's easy to burn your tongue (but very good tasting).

And why are Americans so fat? Oh yeah, deep fried food that is already high in calories. Geez. Let's try to over ride our primitive hunter gatherer brains shall we.

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