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Link #2 broken/mis-linked? It goes to Andrew Sullivan at the Atlantic. Or are you implying that Andrew Sullivan is a robot?!?

#1: "The island has 13,000 feet of shoreline..": Mandelbrot might never have lived.

What is the sovereignty status of private islands? Might the Seasteading Institute want to take a new tack?

RE #1:

Two facts from the article:

1. An owner has a higher reservation price than potential buyers.
2. Demand curves slope downwards.

Why does this imply the market is not clearing? No evidence is presented of foregone valuable trades.

On #8, good article by Megan, the world's tallest female econ blogger, in the limited sense that is's well-written and numerate. But pretty unpersuasive. The federal government could have done worse. That's an argument? With my share of the funds, I could have done better.

On the Japanese and robots, yes, animism is a big part of the story. But you also need to consider Osamu Tezuka's very influential Astro Boy manga, which ran for almost two decades starting in roughly 1952. In a blog post at The Valve I argue that Tezuka used these stories to think through human and civil rights issues that the Japanese experienced during the American occupation. Astro and all his robot friends were, in effect, the Japanese in a world of Americans.

That fractal article was economics? Very hard to tell.

My mild defense of McArdle: David is focused on the pecuniary losses suffered by taxpayers like him. But Megan expected harms worse than that, she thought the government would positively screw up the operation of the car companies.

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