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When I saw number 6 I thought your were writing about my "husband-in-law" (i.e., the father of my step-sons). He was 6'9" tall, and early on he got tired of strangers asking him "how tall are you?" So he took to answering with "I'm not really so tall, just five foot twenty-one."

I thought somebody had gone him one better.

"Why do you lot treat Roissy as one of your own? He pretends to be an intellectual but he's only interested in pussy and the extent of his political ideas are 1) woman are stupid 2) women are sluts and 3) Black people are violent and stupid."

That isn't fair. Roissy is outspoken in promoting economic, racial and cultural protectionism.

Hanson and Michael Blowhard are fans of his blog but Tyler has made it clear here that he doesn't like Roissy, and then continues to advertise him.

Am I the only one who picture Roissy as a less funny version of Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory?

Roissy is as astute as anyone about the mechanics of interacting with women in bars. The further he strays from that topic the less informative he becomes until you get to his theories on broader social science which essentially amount to jeremiads about the loss of victorian sexual norms. I enjoyed watching Robin take him out to the woodshed. Roissy gets called on his bullshit too infrequently because people worry that engaging him on the merits will raise his status. Robin's takedown was pitch perfect.

"Robin's takedown was pitch perfect."

No such takedown took place. Roissy got the best of Robin because Robin was willing to play Roissy's game.

Roissy may be some sort of neo-Nazi, but in this contest he comes off as a neo-Nazi that Robin and Tyler are bowing down to like geeks to a schoolyard bully.

One Roissy link is better than ten Ezra Klein links.

Roissy is also winning the immigration meme in the economic blogosphere. Why don't any actual economists want to take him on on that? Afraid he is right but not have the guts to admit it?

"Tyler has made it clear here that he doesn't like Roissy, and then continues to advertise him."

Tyler likes to play the "I have understood you" game. He hints that he's on everyones side of every issue that way he never really has to take a stand on anything that might jeopardize his status with any group. He is a master status gamesman. In fact, I'm tempted to say that that is all he is.

I don't understand the warm reception that Roissy and the other pick-up-artists-cum-"racialists" have gotten in the libertarian blogosphere either. It's bad enough for a well-respected professor to constantly drive traffic to sites railing against women's suffrage and miscegenation and advocating that we kick out all the smelly Mexicans, but you can't even click on the link without being accosted by talk of "breastal motorboating", "my incredibly viscous and milky-white load", and "whores riding the cock carousel." It really makes me question Cowen's and Hanson's judgment.

"I left a large well-informed objection to Dr. Hanson's thesis in a recent OB thread, which was deleted DeLongian style."

Hanson has a simple algorithm for that. If you present a very short objection on his blog then you have not supplied any data or other backup. If you present something with adequate detail then he will delete it on the grounds that it is too long.

If you actually want to object, do it somewhere he cannot delete it. It's bootless to object on his own blog.

Tyler Cowen has a small penis.

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