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#4 - "The American military is the strongest and most agile on the planet for one reason - the refueling tanker."

No. While I have been pulling my hair out since the mid-90s over our long-running failure to address this issue, and I acknowledge the critical role tankers play, I cannot stand sentences like this. Where has the binary thinking so prevalent in the last decade come from?

1. "In related news, in Spain, men were recently given the right to take breast-feeding breaks." Good, because I can never finish them in one stretch.

#4 Very well written article about the tankers!

The Monday breakup peaks are interesting, but I'm guessing that those peaks do not represent actual Monday break ups. Rather, my guess is the Monday peaks represent Saturday and Sunday break ups that are updated Monday once the parties are at work/school, and thus are spending time surfing the web and updating facebook.

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