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IF the Times pay wall works.

What about "new"? Almost all of those economists have been established for many years now.

re: powerful economists?

No theorist! (almost) While I accept that empirics has a very important role to play, I am going to say that theorists are the ones that really offer a different view of the world and in whose grip Keynes described most of us are.

For eg, loss aversion. The idea of loss aversion was advanced by two (psychological) theorists..albeit they derived this theory from experiment.

And, let's not mention the controversy over the Duflo variety of field experiment.

I'm not denying induction a place, I'm saying most people who do empirical work are not inducting...which is fine...that's the theorists' job.


So the psychological trade-off between God and country explains why religious people tend to be Republicans (faovring smaller government) and the "godless" tend to be welfare state liberals (favoring bigger government)?

Steve -- Libertarians believe very much in the social order imposed by an "invisible hand," right? Sounds like a god to me!

@ Jim

This may be the (Dei)Tea party ideal , but certainly doesn't sound like the Big Govt loving , Big deficit creating Republicans of 2000-2008.

That list should really be called, "Economists who are very famous within their small sub-branch of economics."

There are some great minds on that list, but they're hardly new, and they hardly represent whats new in economics as a whole, just one particular branch of it, a branch that is pretty cool, mind you, but still a pretty small branch in the grand scheme of things.

>Religious people tend to be Republicans because generally ...
54% of Catholics voted for Obama, despite him being so pro-abortion.

Many religious Christians do NOT like the fact that there are so many poor folk, and are not particularly happy about how the rich are getting so much richer.

But, if they are pro-life, they are not welcome among Dem Party activists.
This began becoming true after Roe, and seems to mostly be getting stronger. Admittedly, Catholics are also more anti-war than most other Christians.

David Boaz writes about fiscal conservative, socially liberal Libertarians; but there are probably even more social conservative, fiscally liberal pro-life anti-Libs.

Big spending Reps, when the economy was OK, was not so bad for many such folk. The Dem and Media elite will make sure most pro-life folk stay Rep (the better to demonize them), so it is up to MR & other blogs/ new media to educate them so as to be less supportive of wasteful Big Gov't spending.

List being on there makes sense.....the rest?

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