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One would think that the Irish are reading about emigration opportunities.
For example, "how to become a bus driver in Poland".

4. I spoke too soon.

"The European guys really wanna learn about the American heritage". Yes, I'm sure that's exactly what they wanted from her.

3. No mention of how Prime doesn't apply to most affiliates? It is a way of making new books competitive with slash priced used books.

4. Im told American girls are often shocked how well men from Australia speak English. Who wouldn't want to learn about American culture from a lovely girl like that?
Unrelated true story on mistake ball hitting:
A sorority girl from Virginia Tech tells her sisters that she slept with campus hero quarterback Micheal Vick at a party the night before. "Well is it true what they say about black guys?" one of them asks. "Micheal Vick isn't black" was the reply.

since these links all kinda sucked i'm going to make a non-relevant comment, as usual.

TODAY - which might not be the most boring day of the century - Willie Nelson was busted for marijuana possession. Let's put this in perspective: the past 3 Presidents of the United States of America did illegal drugs in their youth. YET - we still fucking arrest YOUTH for this *crime*.

Just my spam comment of the hour. If the reason for this, as TC claims, is *parents* -- we should kill them all in their sleep as Frank Zappa once suggested.

As you were, gentlemen. And Steve Sailer.

Used to be Willie Nelson was considered cool in Texas, but now too many conservatives have migrated here. We really need to work on building that fence to the North, East and West to keep the unproductive scum out.

1. Now there's the basis for an interesting novel.

1. April 11, 1954 was Palm Sunday.

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