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1. Literary Saloon as a book, I love his stuff.

2. Scott Sumner on liquidity traps.

3. The Chinese are buying up late Picassos.

4. Filipino fast food comes to the United States; reviewed here: "I love the fried chicken at this restaurant with banana ketchup."

5. The Irish non-bailout.


Jollibee has already been around in the US for a while.

If you've ever been to Hong Kong, and seen the picnicking Filipina maids on Sunday, sitting on cardboard mats in Central--trust me, you will lose your appetite for Filipino food--*forever* (of course, they *are* sending $$ home to their families, so it's not *all* bad--just you *won't* want to eat Filipino food *ever*).

"IMHO the term 'The Chinese' should only be used (if ever) when talking about the Chinese Gov."

PRC would be more accurate.

"In Southern China, Christianity is spreading fast. China will soon be the world's largest nation of Christians."
I'd like a cite on that.


My citation is ground-truth. I recently met a Christian Chinese woman from southern China. Her mother is Christian too and she attended a church in China that was packed every Sunday. Her father, a Communist Party official is atheist, but the Party knows about his family.

The government is well aware of the spread of Christianity and they're doing little about it. The unofficial policy is Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Party officials must be atheist, but their families need not be. The religion is either growing faster the farther from Beijing or they are more open about it.

The Chinese are a very spiritual people. It shouldn't be surprising. The most reactionary Communist states, East Germany and Albania, were unable to quash Christianity.

I don't expect you to buy it. Just file for future reference and confirmation.

Six Ounces, Albania was 80-90% Muslim before Communism.

Though it must be acknowledged that Catholicism was not marginal there, and their most revered historical figure, Skanderbeg, actually was a Catholic who converted to Islam and later back to Catholicism.

As a Fil-American, I've never found Filipino fast foods (Jollibee, Max's, Goldilocks) up to par with my mother's home cooking. Although, Max's Empanadas probably have the best crust I have ever tasted. I think there's an economic reasoning for that. Good Filipino food takes a lot of time and effort. The Banana Sauce, Jufran, is made by the Heinz corporation. It's favored by my white and Mexican friends, as it's best with eggs, an omelet, or potatoes/ hashbrowns. I think Waffle House and IHOP would do well to add it alongside ketchup and Cholula's.

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