Advice for planning a wedding

A friend, and a prospective consumer of Hot Pot, inquires for tips on planning a wedding.  I will offer a few:

1. Non-contractibility is a bigger problem than you think.  You can agree on the number of people, and the amount you will spend on flowers, but ex post many questions will pop up at the margin.  One of the two persons will care more about the right answer than the other.  One party will be more willing to work on the wedding than the other.  Contract in advance for a method of disagreement resolution, not just on the details of the wedding.  Get ready for the fact that one person cares less about the wedding than the other and realize this is not the same as caring less about the marriage.

2. Refuse to accept the intransitivity of indifference: "If we invite Uncle Fester, we surely can't turn down Auntie Mame," etc.  Just say no and (in vain) expect our federal government to do the same.

3. The purchases are a classic Hansonian "showing that you care" problem and the capitalist suppliers are not on your side.  Early, up front, do something to show that you don't care.  Buy a cheap paper cup.  Relish the feeling.  Accept it.  Celebrate it.  Then let the other person see you still care.  Break in the idea of showing that you don't care.

4. Googling to "advice for planning a wedding" is a nightmare of P > MC commercial promotions, not just in the ads but also in the main search results.  Rely more on the reader advice, in the comments section, from a very good economics blog.

What am I forgetting?


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