Assorted links

1. Is poverty the main problem behind U.S. education?

2. NHS reforms to proceed in the UK.

3. Peter Chang pops up in Atlanta with a new restaurant, joint venture in Charlottesville.

4. The Facebook thief: will he be caught?

5. Ten best data visualization projects.

6. Kim-Jong Il, Looking at Things.

7. Hyper-sensitivity training, funny.

8. The new museum in Tasmania: "The 49-year-old Tasmanian, who made his money by developing complex gambling systems, describes himself as a “full-on secularist.” “MONA is my temple to secularism,” he adds, explaining that he is interested in “talking about what we are”–in other words, what makes humans human. “People fucking, people dying, the sorts of things that are the most fun to talk about.""


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