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6. Shouldn't this item about the Atlas Society be in your Ads section?

For all the blogospheric wailing about how immigration is destroying America, it is worth noting that the native-born/immigrant gap on the PISA scores in the United States is substantially lower than almost anywhere else.

On a different forum I also tried pointing out that black students in the United States actually scored better than students in several all- or mostly all-white countries (Albania, Montenegro, Romania, Bulgaria, Latin-but-mostly-European-ancestry Argentina and Uruguay, sort-of-white Azerbaijan). It's not surprising that I earned the criticism of several HBD supporters, who tried to argue that the countries in question didn't really count due to various score-depressing demographic factors - Gypsies in several countries, Bulgarians of Turkish origin, the I.Q.-depressing effects of Islam, and so on.

On #1, I would imagine that copyright issues are the primary driver. In any case, names with Zs and Xs are zippy and exotic.

#6 Wow . . . it is actually impossible for an Objectivist to write a non-bombastic paragraph.


I doubt trademark law has much of an influence on the selection of Xs and Zs- since these are generally arbitrary and made-up names, the exact spelling is not going to make much, if any, difference (spelling generally has little impact anyway). More likely, they are just trying to sound scientific/hi-tech.


Are you referring specifically to female news anchors? And by "uglier", do you mean deeper-voiced?

If so, the explanation is simple: deeper voices are associated with authoritativeness. News anchors will tend to have deeper voices than average, as will female corporate executives.

By the way, you surely must realize that your perception is entirely subjective. To remain on the air in a purely ratings-driven business like television, their voices must sound pleasant enough to their intended audience, even if they sound ugly to your non-American ears (your use of the Britishism "TV presenter" gives you away).

anon, you would lose that money.

Are you referring specifically to female news anchors? Yes. And many of the female reporters too.

And by "uglier", do you mean deeper-voiced? Good God no. It's characteristically a penetrating, squawking noise.

I realised how bad it is when I heard a couple of youtubes from young women reporting, in American English, for a Russian channel. Much more atractive voices.

1. Having worked in the industry I can tell you there are HORRIBLE regulatory constraints surrounding the naming of a drug (and color scheme, and font used etc etc. In most cases it basically has to be a made-up word that would never ever be confused with a real word which might taint your perception of the drug in a way it's not approved for.

So what does that have to do with anything? It's MUCH easier to come up with a made-up word that starts with Z or X than any other letter. Contemporaneously and by the same effect, the word is quickly recognized by the consumer as a made-up word which aids in recall, as an added bonus.

JCL, that is the wrong comparison. Net neutrality means that the postal service (or UPS/FedEx to get rid of any monopoly talk) cannot charge more for sending you the Transformers VHS movie just because they have a shared economic interest with the company that makes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (or any other reason). The actual supplier of the bits can charge different prices for different sets of bits, but the guys who transport the bits cannot.

In Tino's PISA data, the best performance by immigrants (first and second generation) are found in English-speaking countries, with Canada and Australia doing the best of all with their points system for rationally picking the best legal immigrants while keeping out illegal immigrants.

The Anglosphere countries naturally attract the most ambitious immigrants -- i.e., people who master English as a second language in school. Most non-Anglosphere countries, e.g., Finland, can't draw upon well-educated people who have been taught their language in their home country's schools.

This is a subtle but important point that Thilo Sarrazin makes in his bestseller "Germany Abolishes Itself:" Germany can't compete with the Anglosphere for the brightest people from, say, Seoul or Mumbai because few non-Germans study German, so Germany attracts mostly laborers as immigrants. Thus, the big gap seen in PISA scores between ethnic Germans and second generation immigrants.

>For all the blogospheric wailing about how immigration is destroying America...

Funny, I have never once seen any such post.

Illegal immigration, on the other hand, is a hot topic.

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