Assorted links

1. Spousenomics blog.

2. How is the counter-insurgency in Rio going?

3. 20 TED talks for foodies.

4. Markets in everything: gloves for texting.

5. How to interpret newspaper headlines.  I like this one: "JEFFERSON WRITES ‘DECLARATION,’ BUT BRITISH VOW ARMS BUILD-UP"

6. Can Hooters make it in Japan?


Considering not just the famed maid cafes but also the slightly risque uniforms of more traditional family restaurants like Anna Miller's, Hooter's won't really stand out at all.

Anna Miller's is also supposedly about the food, but men are attracted to the cute uniforms enough that, like Hooter's, people suggest that many patrons go there for the waitresses and their uniforms instead of the food.

I really wished for something like #4 yesterday. And now I know where to get it! Thank you!

Regarding the news post, those seeking unambiguous headlines should pick up an old issue of Pravda. Do we really want news to ignore the "buts"? Life is complicated. People are complicated. The news is complicated, if it is honest.

#2: Rio Slums: "Maybe in the future things will get better, but right now I don’t have any hope left."

#5: (Post)Modern Newspaper: "Yes, But" headlines where "Risks are seen, fears stoked, losses predicted." "Even Reusable Grocery Backs Can Carry Environmental Risk"

This is how the public opinion shapers transplant the actual despair of third-world slums, into the minds of a wealthy successful people who should otherwise be confident and effective in resisting double-think and accomplishing their hopes.

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