Assorted links

1. Symposium on inequality, including Acemoglu and Sumner.

2. China (Afghanistan) photo of the day.

3. Has digital music stopped growing?

4. Ip Man.

5. Critique of Myers-Briggs:"Due to these legitimate criticisms of the MBTI and its unscientific underpinnings, the test is rarely used in clinical psychology. I did a literature search on PubMed and discovered that, interestingly, many of the published studies of its practical utility come from nursing journals. Many of the other publications pertain to relationship counseling and religious counseling. Normally, this is a red flag. When you see a topic that purports to be psychological being used in practically every professional discipline except psychology, you have very good reason to be skeptical of its actual value."

6. The economics of the Davos conference.

7. How we subsidize banks (and see Krugman, to resolve this, one question is how well the expectations theory of the term structure in fact holds).


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