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I would bet quite a bit of money that is a fake site. The profiles are too ridiculous, and the front page doesn't really make sense, either. (E.g. the option to be looking for "Men," "Women," or "Sea Captains.") There's some discussion of the related news articles being spoofed here. I'm not sure Time did its homework on this one.

One of the "sea captain" profiles:

23 | M | Straight | Single
Silverlake, California

Hey. I'm looking for an chill girl who's down to party on my dad's boat sometime. No drama please.

He may not be an actual sea captain, but he is clever in the choice of a user name.

I don't care if it's fake, #2 is genius

Arrrr.... at last, I'll have more than me dog or cabin boy to keep me warm during those cold nights at sea.

The sea captain site is obviously a joke. A pretty funny one, but a joke nonetheless.

#2: I read three pages of profiles out loud to my husband until he laughed so hard that he started coughing and choking. Probably fake, but hilarious!

It's an interesting comment on the rampant credentialism of our times that the author of an article on McDonald's management practices in China feels the need to reference Harvard.

"Caplan and Wilkinson are talking about a "liberaltarian challenge," whatever the heck that is."

'Liberaltarian' is a very popular movement in 'libertarian' space. It portends to represents a merger of big-government/welfare state progressives with free market disciples. In reality it represents how the Left wins it's most important battles (and shows most it's real world strength) in naked social appeal. Progressive and libertarian philosophies would seem to most almost mutually exclusive, sans heroic-level mental gymnastics to twist the two into something compatible.

But of course, socially, if you travel in the world of academics/wonks/elites, etc., being anything other than a liberal is social kryptonite. So, voila...'Liberaltarian'. This is a solid turn of events for former libertarians, because one's social life/experience is much better. It's even better, in actual political terms, for liberals who neutralize/co-opt the best (intellectually) potential dissenting political/economic figures. This is where the Left has my admiration, as it plays (and wins...big) on a simple field that the Right doesn't even venture on. 'Journolist' was a prime example (and of course whatever has taken it's place), but the movement of many libertarians to a quixotic 'Liberaltarian' position is nothing to sneeze at.


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