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1. As a German I'm exited that the tunnel is entirely paid for by Denmark.

4. You were correct about the zeal and mania of those on the anti-immigration bandwagon due to the leaks from AM radio. Oh and something about Tunisia.

I noticed a pretty big flaw with that behavioral economics reading list, it wasn't just a blank page.

#1 and comment #1: As a Dane, well... We have the world's highest taxes already.

Most Danes I know don't have any strong opinions one way or the other about the Fehmarn project. Lots of people from Lolland-Falster like the idea to be sure, and some people from Copenhagen likely think they'll gain from it (regardless of the costs?) as well, but mostly it's the Danish politicians who've fallen in love with the idea, not 'the Danes'.

I guess it's the modern equivalent of statues and temples; most of the other stuff they blow our money on is nowhere to be seen the year after and if you want to be remembered as a politician, this is the kind of stuff that'll do the job. That and killing a lot of people.

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