Assorted links

1. Kevin Drum reviews TGS.  And Lane Kenworthy.  And Nick Schulz at Forbes: "It’s possible the most important non-fiction book this year won’t be published on paper."

2. Megan on the 1954 kitchen.  And "densifying" to get more low-hanging fruit, from Ryan Avent.  And more from Scott Sumner on the book: "Tyler Cowen’s book has been both a marketing coup and an intellectual game changer.  It has gotten people to focus on issues they intuitively knew were out there, but for which they lacked a framework for thinking about."

3. Eric Falkenstein on TGS.

4. "Mobile money," in Kenya.

5. Index method?  why not just read the thing?

6. Do "Best Actress" winners have shorter marriages?

7. More on Iceland vs. Ireland.


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