Murakami’s *1Q84*

That's the new Haruki Murakami book, due out in the U.S. in late October.  It's over one thousand pages and it was published originally in three parts.  My view of Murakami is that his later works are good but not special, and that his masterpieces are the early novels and also his non-fiction chronicle of the Tokyo gas attacks, Underground.  My favorite is Hard Boiled Wonderland the End of the World, which also should appeal to science fiction fans.

IQ84 has been a smash hit in Japan and the never-easy-to-please Germans very much like it too.  Here are other foreign reviews.  I have read the first 130 pages and believe it may well be his masterpiece.  It starts off with two dual stories, with what are recognizably Murakami-esque characters, but I won't say more than that.


His short stories are his best work. I've made my way through the novels, but I'm usually ready to stop before the end.

But I'll read this anyway.

Are German translators faster or less busy?

also in catala

If you like Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, you should also check out Haibane Renmei, by yoshitoshi ABe. It's currently out of print in the US, but Funimation rescued the license and should be reissuing it soon.

Whenever Tyler talks about the books he's reading, I'm reminded of this Woody Allen quote:

"I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia."

I'm very excited for it. Are you reading it in English? Any friendly tips on how to get a copy? :-)

I believe the correct title is 1Q84, not IQ84.

It's the obvious pun. Q = kyuu = 9.

I bought the Spanish edition the evening it came out in Mexico. I haven't yet had time to read much of it, but, alas, I've noticed three typographical errors already. Good on Tusquets for getting it out in Spanish before English (a fact they congratulated themselves on at the launch party), but it's a pity that the result is as sloppy as it is.

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