Assorted links

1. Do female members of Congress work harder than the men?

2. Via Craig Newmark, data on the Duke economics Ph.d. students.

3. "The goal is free."

4. Centralized institutions and sudden change, a new paper.

5. A new Peter Chang sighting.

6. The Economist reviews TGS.  (I am pleased that TGS made the NYT bestseller list for eBooks last week at #14; thanks to all of you who bought it and recommended it!)


I think the economist article and it's commenters missed your point that it's not that technological innovation is gone forever but that right now we're experiencing diminishing marginal returns on technology.

The Economist review is surprisingly weak. It neglects to contrast the stagnation theme for America with the catch-up theme for developing countries, which is key for framing the discussion. The commenters therefore not surprisingly miss the point and start talking about growth in the rest of the world...

Does the success of TGS imply hard copy version anytime soon?

Tyler, you have also forgotten about the Salad Spinner

Everytime I see "The Great Stagnation" abbreviated as TGS I think of 30 Rock's "The Girlie Show" instead of the book.

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