Assorted links

1. What is the UK doing to spur growth?

2. NYT symposium on inequality.

3. Thresholds and military spending.

4. Obamacare update.

5. The culture that is Japan, baseball highlight reel.

6. Baggage-free travel, he forgot the Kindle and iPad.

7. Of Gods and Men and Even the Rain are two of the best movies I’ve seen in years.

8. Brookings Papers goes open access, including forty years of excellent archives.


Going the full Nada today with an iPhone 4 in your pocket would be a radically different experience than doing it 20 years ago I have to imagine.


Also: for more Ichiro! awesomeness.

Eh, the full nada is kind of dumb. Bring a backpack and try not to stink up the place. My husband and I can travel extremely light and look appropriate at a nice restaurant, because dressing appropriately is a sign of respect. Why do people think it's acceptable to be a slob in foreign countries?

Seriously - would a small backpack or even just a messenger bag be an affront?

It would not reduce mobility, either, since "baggage" that you wear is not "baggage" in the traditional sense.

An economist reduced the issue of income inequality to envy. How stupid is that?


read the paper and summarize the findings.

10 bucks says you paraphrase incorrectly.

Obamacare, because Republican's don't.

Hallo im from germany and my english isnt that awesome, but i was able to translate every single sentence of your post. Im reading english websites to make my english better and im very cheerful to finally find a blog, which publishes clear and organized english that i can understand. Thanks from Germany!

Saw Even the Rain based on your recommendation - thanks! Much better than the anti-privatization film suggested by the trailer.

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