*The Great Stagnation* debate with Rob Atkinson

You can watch it here, MP3 version here.  By the way, Rob’s group, ITIF, has put out this working paper on the economic benefits of information technology, and this working paper on whether productivity growth still benefits average Americans.


Is there an MP3 version?

It's the "great stagnation" dammit! All you will get is an audio-tape.

Yes, an MP3 version would be nice.

Monkey debate..

That second paper has the most intelligent refutation of Piketty's and Saez's contentions I have ever read.

The audio is not very good. Our department has the capability to conference class, except almost noone can pull it off and even with the full-time IT guy on hand there are always issues. Apple has total control over it's pocket-sized gadgets and the internet has benefitted from untold residual energy. Stop embarrassing yourselves!

The audio-only, below the video is better sound. Self-recommending, as they say.

I wish there were a transcript. It's so much easier to read an interview than to listen/watch one.

Almost no one except our department conference classes, and also full of potential for IT-hand man at the time issues can always delete. Apple has total control on the pocket sized gadgets and the internet has benefited untold residual energy. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Kudos to Atkinson to debating you on your book which has received so much attention. I thought he did a decent job, but was irked by his discussion of "national competitiveness". Didn't he read Krugman debunking that when Robert Reich was pushing it? I don't see why he thinks we should ignore government transfers when discussing it's size and how we measure the value of dollars spent. I would have liked if Tyler referenced Robin Hanson's take on health-care.

Is there a way to download the audio rather than playing it in a Flash player for all of us with iPhones who would like to listen while at the gym?

Yes, the audio is available for download as an MP3 at http://www.itif.org/files/audio/2011-debate-great-stagnation.mp3

You can subscribe to our podcast feed from iTunes or directly at: http://itif.org/media/feed

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