*The Social Animal*

The author is David Brooks and the subtitle is The Hidden Sources of Love, Character and Achievement.  I pre-ordered my copy some time ago and it is due out this Tuesday…



You shill so much I give almost no weight to your nonfiction recommendations.

Hidden? It's not hidden. Everyone knows that the Republican Party is the source of love, character and achievement.

Maybe more interesting than the book is the fact that Brooks has decided to reopen his blog in which he is going to discuss the kind of topics this book is about (i.e. the "study of human nature"):


Hey you do you realize that the guy who wrote the review, PZ Meyers, is an academic biologist right?

Sounds like Daniel Goleman redux - i.e., IQ = bad; social intelligence = good - but probably without all the disgraceful lying Goleman did.

I'll pass.

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