The transition to WordPress

I am learning how much I rely on the total familiarity of my immediate visual field.  I look at the blogging box for WordPress (which by the way isn’t that different from Typepad) and I am baffled.  In the writing process everything feels molasses slow, but I will get used to it.

We are still working out some bugs, but if you are having problems with the site please let us know in the comments.  Thanks!


I like the new font for the website title. But it might be easier to read if it were white. Looks good though.

I searched for this theme! While this does make more sense, it kind of disappoints me that I won’t be able to play “guess the mulp post”. I’m pretty damn good at it, though it’s admittedly not hard.

I like the new clean design a lot, thank you for not cluttering things up in the change. Very nice. Thanks again.

I have fonts set large on my Windows 7 machine, and am viewing with Firefox 3.6.11. The right column steps on the center text, no matter what size you make the window. This makes the whole thing a mess and nearly impossible to read.

I usually run your site at 180% zoom because of an eye problem and the old format gave me a center column about four words wide. The new layout is [u] wonderful [/u]. Maybe because I'm using Opera, I don't have the overlap described above, although that is a common problem with other sites (i.e. Cafe Hayek). Altogether a great improvement. Thanks.

So formatting commands don't work yet, maybe next time.

Early days in the new order and all but it's not visually appealing as the previous scheme.

If you want to restore the old look and feel of MR I have a CSS style sheet that emulates it very well (from our Halloween spoof.) If anybody else wants it (for more spoofs!) you can contact me.

Nice layout, but I like the old circus peanut green header better. Something about the white, italicized text fits the blog's tone better, too. "This is what we think, but we won't shout or bully you."

(obvious observation: comment preview would be nice, too.)

If you're updating the site, this would be a great time to switch to a new comment platform. I often see hundreds of comments to the postings here, and it's not easy to get a in-depth discussion going when its interspersed among six other branches of discussion. Personally, I like livefyre, and I'd love to see it on this blog.

it looks like the RSS feed isn't working yet, but the site looks nice.

Is it just me or are links almost indistinguishable from text?

Yeah, the links are pretty difficult to see. They look very similar to normal text.

I think it looks great -- much cleaner. Thanks.

I miss the old header A LOT, but as for the rest of the changes, fine so far.

The names are at the tops of posts now. While this does make more sense, it kind of disappoints me that I won't be able to play "guess the mulp post". I'm pretty damn good at it, though it's admittedly not hard.

Is Uncategorized a permanent new tag?

Like the new design much better. But, as already remarked by others, the links are indistinguishable from the main text (in Firefox).

My RSS is not working either (in Google Reader).

Disqus. Please.

Has threads.

Allows me to edit and correct my typing mistakes.

Disqus also allows me to post using my Twitter account. Might be nice to find some new people to follow as well.

A point against Disqus is that it does not work in my "job" computer. And, if it does not work for me, probably also does not work for more many people.

The vertical list on the right (the search box and a stack of ads) covers up the right-most portion of the main text, regardless of window width. (Firefox 3.6.15, Javascript on or off makes no difference)

Yep. Almost unreadable. I'm using Firefox 3.6.2

Yup I see correct horizontal layout now too.

The new font looks a little goofy to be honest. The spacing is all off.

Here is an image to demonstrate what I'm talking about...

I highlighted the spacing issues. It may not seem like a lot when you are reading something short, but when you start reading long blocks of text it gets tiring. It's usually an issue with tall letters. For instance "f" seems to be shifted to the right leaving a space before the letter and none after. "nfl" is a good letter pairing that shows off how some characters aren't lined up correctly.

I agree with Dustin about the typeface. It's a lot harder on the eyes to read than the old one. I'm okay with the idea of a different font, just not this one.

I'm lovin' the new layout. Looks a lot better than the old layout. HUGE improvement.

Works fine with Firefox now. Ya fixed it.

Might be personal taste but I liked the old header color & fonts MUCH more. Same for the little MR bookmark... the new green is pretty hard to take and the fonts barely visible.

my first reaction is i kinda hate the new thing. but on the other hand i love it. the colors are even more retro than before. the appliance green looks like my Stlella guitar.

I think I'm going to always miss the old site, just because the new site looks to much like everything else. I like originality -- and miss it.

At the risk of being called a Luddite I'm going to call it as I see it and say the new site sucks. The comments now look like every other blog. The old MR stood out from the crowd in all ways. It will probably continue to stick out from the crowd but not quite as much.

RSS feed seems fine, other than that I got about 100 old messages. With luck, that's a one time glitch.

I got the 100 old entries in Google Reader too.

If you're at the point of playing with fonts, I'd argue against your current choices for both headlines and body text. They're both too narrow, which makes them hard to read at smaller sizes. That said, it's not like any of this will effect readership.

Can we lose the avatars?

...They're frankly a little childish. I can't see myself ever appreciating their existence, and the ones that already exist are already annoying the hell out of me.

Wow! Ask, and you shall receive!

RE: RSS feed

Something weird. Marginal Revolution has taken over Cafe Hayek's spot on my iGoogle home page.

My RSS feed from Cafe Hayek for some reason had 100 posts from MR in it this morning. I've never subscribed to MR's feed before.

Thanks for your patience in this transition everyone. The RSS issues should be sorted out now, including the crossed wires with

The feedback is appreciated and we'll likely may adjustments in the coming days.

as far as the writing process goes, i think that wordpress is very clunky and it interferes with writing. i prefer to write in gmail (this also auto-saves drafts in case I have to leave and come back!) and then copy and paste into wordpress. There might be a way to email directly from gmail to your blog as well.

You’re doing a good job. Your blog is easy to navigate and very neatly organized. We also use WordPress for our blog and we love it!

WordPress is a very easy-to-use content management system and makes for a great blogging platform. You’ll get used to it in no time!

There were another approximately 100 old entries in my reader this morning.

Commenting to keep my name out of your spam filter.

I have a bit of experience with wordpress. It's actually quite fun to modify the themes and even how the whole thing works. Everything is so modular and there are so many plugins!

It would be an interesting post to hear your reasons, especially economic, for the switch. If the answer is "because it is cheaper", I'm sure you will agree that you should be beaten within an inch of your life.

Many comments disappeared in the threads with much comments.

My blackberry loves the new layout...

I really appreciate the switch. Think wordpress does some great stuff and has much more customization options than typepad. One thing that I would recommend (though not sure how you view these) would be placing your 'categories' into a category cloud rather than a drop down menu. I generally think word clouds are a neat phenomenon, and with the amount of posts MR has, it would be much more interesting than say a blog with only a handful of posts.

1) Can you post why you changed platforms?

2) The more horizontal orientation is a great improvement.

Revolution indeed! MR has taken over Cafe Hayek's RSS Feed.

Rather actually! For instance “f” seems to be shifted to the right leaving a space before the letter and none after. “nfl” is a good letter pairing that shows off how some characters aren’t lined up correctly.

Is the blogroll permanently gone, or just on hiatus? I used to start at MR and then jump around to the other suggested sites to keep up on my reading...

Why isn't there a Captcha for the comments? Can we have another color instead of the New Green? Too close to the color used by a specific religion .

I had all my bookmarks set to and have been wondering if you were ever coming back online. I only found you here because of a post at the Atlantic with a link to If there are others who were using that random link it might be worth a note at the top of that site pointing in this direction.

Love the redesign.

I second Miguel: Many comments on older threads were lost in the transition.

box for WordPress (which by the way isn’t that different from Typepad) and I am baffled. In the writing process everything feels molasses slow, but I will get used to it.

We are still working out some bugs, but if you are having problems with

The main page seems to be loading a bit slow, even on otherwise fast connections. Given that most of the page is text, I'm surprised...maybe its all the links/images on the sides?

putting the next and previous links at the bottom of the comments on each post's permalink, as opposed to just under each post's title, is an inferior design for someone who reads each permalink one at a time by clicking through each next link to read each next post. the inferiority of the design is compounded by the fact that the links are not always at the bottom of the page; if there are very few comments the bottom of the page is the defined by the length of the left side frame rather than the number of comments

I third the observation that lot's have comments are still missing from old posts. (And not just in the sense that, say, the last x comments were cut; they seem to have gone missing randomly, so that some comments no longer make sense because they respond to comments that have disappeared.)

Some posts also appear to have gone missing, e.g. Why US health care policy is especially egalitarian"

"lot’s have comments" >> "lots of comments". whoops.

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