Where to eat right next to Phoenix airport?

Chili or Mexican food would be ideal.  Thanks in advance for the help…


For Mexican, Barrio is the only place, 10-15 minutes, if that's close enough. If you do go, guacamole with pomegranate is recommended. Stockyards is a good Western-type steakhouse that is very close, and dates back to Phoenix's cattle days, when it really was on the stockyards.

Two good places (my favorite in Phoenix) are Indian Delhi Palace (maybe 2 miles away-- 5104 E McDowell) and Barrio Cafe (maybe 4 miles away--2814 N 16th st). Sorry, not much closer. Barrio may have a wait; IDP will not. Let me know if you'd like some company; love to take you out to dinner. email imurme8@yahoo.com

Chinese Cultural Center (!) about 5 minutes from Sky harbor. Delicious and completely out of the blue. 3 or 4 different restos to choose from - I remember the Szechuan place being very tasty.

Barrio is fantastic for gourmet food. On the greasier end TeePee is reasonable and very close to the airport. Carolina's is superior but pretty far away.

Where did you wind up when you went to Greensboro? Review?

Lolo's mentioned above is great. -15minute drive
Chino Bandito - mexican crossed with asian longer drive, amazing black beans
Fiesta Burrito - McDowell and 74th is good cheap Mexican
Cornish Pasty Co. - Tempe

Scratch Mexican food, do something really cool. The Wrigley Mansion Club is less than 8 miles away and is AWESOME.

There's an In-N-Out Burger nearby!

It is sort of like fast food, but you have to go to Filibertos. Some of the best cheap Mexican food anywhere...

+1 on Restaurant Mexico

But I have recommended it before...

I am doing the Mining Country Century on the 19th and I have structured my schedule so that I have the two enchiladas verdes, a quesadilla de chorizo, and the exquisite refried beans for my night-before-dinner.

+1 for Carolina's. Get the machaca shredded beef tacos and the oaxaca special. You'll love this place, it is very Tyler Cowen.

I hope you're not having a meeting after your meal.

(I'll try to remember Carolina's for next time.)

I like the green chili chimi at Rito's Market. There's no visible signage, so be sure to have the address in hand if you go.

I've lived in Phoenix for 6 years, after 10+ in central Texas. The answer to this is easy: Richardson's. http://www.burningembersphoenix.com/ It is New Mexico food, good chile. The place burned down but menu is available at one of the owner's other restaurants at 6335 N 16th, just 15 mins from PHX. Better yet, Dick's hideaway has the same food in the old location, and it's where McCain took Bush last time they were in town: 6008 N. 16TH Street.

Carolina's is not too good, nor is Some Burro (think Taco Cabana). TeePee is ok but if it was in any central Texas town there would be no reason to ever go there. Los Sombreros is relatively good but won't be up to your standards. Barrio is fine, but I went there once 5 years ago and have had no desire to go back.

South Phoenix and Guadalupe probably have some great places, but neither I nor anyone else on this blog appear to know about them. In general, Mexican food in Phoenix is disappointing; I had better when I was in Denver for the AEA meetings.

Los Dos Molinos!! Do IT. 9th Street and Washington. Order the Adovada Ribs. T

Thanks in advance for the help

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