Are “green” products declining?

The number of household cleaners with green claims introduced in 2008 was 144, up from 29 in 2007. By 2009 that had dropped to 105, according to Mintel, a research firm. Green dishwashing liquid followed a similar pattern, with 14 introductions in 2007, 85 in 2008, then 58 in 2009.

The story (1/20) is here, and it is adequate to stick with that quotation above (not worth one of your twenty).  Some of this switch is due to the recession, but I wouldn’t assume that green products will make a big comeback with better times (there is related comment here).  Consumer brand stickiness is legendary, altruistic trends need a big oomph to get off the ground and they need to be seen as cool and up-and-coming, and consequently there is no reason to favor a Whig interpretation of history in this matter.  Possibly the bubble has been burst.


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