Assorted links

1. Markets in everything: 2-D glasses.

2. More correlations from OK Cupid.

3. What is not covered by private health insurance, an oft-forgotten list when health care policy is debated.

4. Does shopping help keep you alive?


What is striking to me in #3 is just how silly some of the priorities that are revealed in that list, especially if you think of "health care plans" to equal "health insurance".

It isn't surprising that dialysis is not covered by health plans. That's the one service Medicare will pay for no matter what your age.

Although my understanding is that for the young private insurers pay for the first 33 months. It's only rarely covered, but apparently when it is covered, private insurance is charged much more than Medicare allows.

#4: wrong conclusion about causation?

Nope. It's definitely to do with causation. It is just false. The opposite is the case. Shopping kills me by robbing me of my will to live.

My feeling too. There might be a mistake in the correlation-causation argument here. Elderly people in better health are more likely to be willing and able to go shopping, unlike their ill and bed-ridden counterparts.

2. The chart plotting the difference in confidence and sex drive of self-described "curvy" vs "skinny" women explains 98% of the animosity between feminists and Roissyites.

Please no more linking to NYT articles, either post quotes or don't bother with those greedy SOBs.

Clearly the author does not understand the purpose of insurance. A health insurance plan that pays for small, routine expenses is just engaging in "trading dollars" and incurring unnecessary billing, validation and accounting expenses. That's why you have car insurance but not pencil insurance.

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#4 I would say in some cases yes if you have nothing else to do and boredom is the issue. Staying active is the point here.

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