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I loved seeing Izzie.

Hurray for Bryan Caplan!

No link to Krugman's post?

I wonder where he's encountering those discussions. He certainly doesn't link to them so his readers can check it out for themselves.

Why bother, Krugman basically says nothing. Just a half assed post to fufill the number of columns he needs to get paid.

3. Yep. That's my wife's philosophy: Nag, don't beg! That way you get to maintain your self-respect.

My wife and I have a deal going: as long as she doesn't nag, I do my chores promptly. It seems to work out.

"Why do I so enjoy articles on the future geopolitics of the Arctic?"
Because you cherish a sneaking, transient hope that we might have learned something from the last seventyleven resource rushes? That this time might be different? Nahh, you're too data-driven for that (aren't you?)

#4: What motivates the choice for x-axis of the plots as "income today"?

#3: I developed a theory of a Threshold of Critical Annoyance. If I know I'll be nagged about something at least N times, regardless of whether I do it or not, I may as well not do it and face N+1 nags. N tends to be fairly low. I have gravitated to a workplace with a team of self-starters as a result.

# 1. When I read your line I thought you were going to link to some report on the just finished Communist Party's Congress. Earlier today I read a column by Roberto Ampuero (see in which he assesses the Congress ( --sorry in Spanish). The title just points to what has been happening in the past 52 years of Castro dictatorship --from Sierra Maestra to Jurassic Park-- and his main point is that once again the Congress focused on the chronic crisis of Cuba's state economy and the reforms to survive thanks to tourism, exiles' remittances, and now some private activities (Ampuero makes fun of the two brothers' promise to stay in power only for other 10 years).
Not surprisingly, the Guardian's article to which you link makes no reference to the terrible conditions of the Cuban economy. It comes close with "In real life, Cubans are adept at finding opportunity in crisis." I'm very sorry for the Cubans because after 52 years of trying everyday to find opportunity in crisis today they have to supplement their low state wages (US$ 20 a month) with black market sidelines. The Guardian's journalists know how to be pathetic but progressive. I hope soon they report on the end of the two old zombie horror Cuban dictators.

"Why do I so enjoy articles on the future geopolitics of the Arctic?"

Well, isn't it obvious, Mr. Caplan? Finding a way to make the massive Arctic region more economically productive may be our way out of The Great Stagnation.

(By the way, the U. of Alaska Fairbanks is working on a wheat strain that will grow during the Arctic summer. In case you were wondering.)

"By the way, the U. of Alaska Fairbanks is working on a wheat strain that will grow during the Arctic summer."

That's a complete waste of time. In a few years we'll be able to grow any strain of wheat in the Arctic. Probably orchids and bananas too.

I haven't read an article on the Arctic that hasn't made me depressed in years.

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Falkenblog never says that bringing Izzie into existence benefited her. He just says he's better off for having done so. Bad caption.

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