Philosophy Referee Signals

Adapt as necessary:

Created by Landon Schurtz. Hat tip: DavidAD and Leiter Reports.


What about "your claim is either trivially true or wrong"?

Need one for "Godwin's Law Violation".

I think that hand motion is self evident.


What? Are you Hitler?

That should be the "ejection" sign.

DaveyNC, that one is pretty obvious right?

Credit where credit is due! The signals were created by Landon Schurtz, a grad student in philosophy at the University of Oklahoma:

Having refs enforcing the rules would slow the game and eliminate all the exciting plays in the game.

Besides, giving everyone guns will eliminate the need for rules or refs.

Every cable news show host needs to be this referee during political discussions.

Forgot about the middle finger if one cites Hayek, Drucker, Buckley or anything along that spectrum.

This would be so awesome if not written in Comic Sans

LOL, what about an unbalanced wavy hand motion to show someone who was sucked into a worthless debate among powerless Don Quixote philosophy reps?

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