In my pile

1. Food Trucks: Dispatches and Recipes from the Best Kitchens on Wheels, by Heather Shouse.  I’ve read enough of this book to know it is true to its title.

2. The Moral Lives of Animals, by Dale Peterson.  It looks like Adam Smith’s TMS applied to the moral sense of non-human animals, making the point that the moral sense is not unique to human beings.

3. Music for Silenced Voices: Shostakovich and his Fifteen Quartets, by Wendy Lesser.

4. Zoo City, by Lauren Beukes; so far I love it, imagine a mix of Raymond Chandler, near-future science fiction, and South African grit.

All are worthy of purchase, we will see how they develop.  I found The Windup Girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi, the most enjoyable science fiction novel I’ve read in a few years, and it should appeal to fans of Thailand too.


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