What is the most neglected and underrated *accessible* pop music album?

You may have your favorite neglected microtonal drone guitar album, but let’s take this in another direction.  What’s the best accessible pop album that never caught on with listeners and buyers?

Of course that’s a funny question.  If it never caught on, what makes it so accessible?  What makes you think it is so accessible?  Those are exactly the sort of questions which require the high-octane collective intelligence of MR readers.  And I do have a nomination:

Pop Said…, by The Darling Buds.

It’s pitched at the level of good ABBA, and yet few people other than my friend Eric Lyon know it.  It has only five Amazon reviews and the band found little commercial success.

Another pick would be Pato Fu’s Televisao De Cachorro, which has only two Amazon reviews.  It is better known in Brazil, though it still sounds as if it should have serious crossover potential.  Some of the songs are in English, too.

What is your nomination?  How can such albums fail to take off?


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