Assorted links

1. The last few times Brad DeLong has criticized me, he has simply imagined I hold positions which I do not.  Again.  And here is the time before that.  Perhaps he too quickly slots my views into debates he has with other people, when he sees some overlapping of claims.  On the first link, my point was to raise a certain “tension” in when market prices are considered sufficient statistics for “trouble” or not; I did not claim the two borrowing situations were the same or that currency denomination of debt is irrelevant.  On the second link, I’ve long argued we are seeing a mix of interacting AD and structural problems; Brad tries to refute me by showing — correctly — that there must be an AD problem in the mix.  It might be a valid criticism to note that in both cases I was not explicit enough, but a) that is not a “simple error,” and b) I’ve been plenty explicit in past posts and I don’t feel like repeating myself all the time.  I feel no guilt in putting some burden on the reader.

There is nothing wrong with the economics in Brad’s two posts, but in both cases he has failed The Tyler Cowen Turing Test.  Admittedly, it may be a difficult test to pass, but actually I should hope that is the case.

2. Retail politics, Argentina style.

3. Pizza discipline.

4. The economics of payroll tax relief.

5. Former GMU econ Ph.d. student now is Prime Minister of Somalia.

6. Here is one of my old attempts at an ideological Turing test.


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