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5. I'm willing to believe that a universe exists in which they are the same idea, but it likely isn't this one.

I thought they were generally assumed to be the same thing

#3 To be 2011-compliant that cartoon needs an ipad / iphone instead of a PC.

3. Tyler Cowen reads rage comics???

#4: I was one of the people whose data got leaked by MtGox. They just opened up the accounts, so I withdrew all the Bitcoins I had for trade into a private wallet - I assume many others are doing the same right now. If confidence in the currency itself changes, we will see it very soon on TradeHill. They're currently trading for about $2 less than MtGox was before the crash.

#3 The Great Stagnation Returns!

I've decided the reason the great stagnation argument has met with so much interest, besides the fact that it might be true, is that using this argument there is no one to blame. Democrats can point to TGS and say it wasn't the growth of government (welfare state, coddling bad guys) and Republicans can say it wasn't our plundering ways (senseless unpaid for wars, tax cuts/no regulation for the powerful). No one is to blame! And TGS, if I recall correctly, never mentions the bankers.

Have Mercy! My heart beats fast! I'm sure the rapture is here!

Republicans always claim that regulations and taxes stifle innovations. Some Democrats will claim (and others will enable) that entrenched corporate interests stifle innovation, too.

So maybe it's not that we've run out of cheap land or uneducated citizens or whatever. Maybe it's that we've just done it to ourselves. Again.

I did not find Cloud Atlas interesting enough to finish, and cannot possibly imagine liking it even more as a movie unless it's warped entirely beyond recognition.

Tyler, do you still not understand the differencebetween Mt Gox and Bitcoin?

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