Assorted links

1. There is still some low-hanging fruit.

2. Download many silent films here.

3. It turns out that Randall Dale Adams sued Errol Morris, for telling his life story in The Thin Blue Line (and thereby vindicating him and getting him out of jail).  And is Egalia funded by Swedish educational vouchers?

4. Edward Hugh on Spain.

5. Milton Friedman and the financial crisis.

6. David Henderson writes a critique of TGS.  He doesn’t contest that median income is nearly stagnant and that TFP is dramatically down since 1973; in the latter case, which clearly establishes the core point of the book, rather than admitting the conclusion he shifts the talk to the difficulties of predicting the future (though I stress that TGS will indeed end at some currently unknown point in time).  Both facts are prima facie evidence that innovations are not doing much to improve the standard of living of the typical person, especially compared to some earlier periods of time.  David is simply backwards concerning the argument on land; it’s not that land today is too expensive, it’s that extra land (we still have plenty of it in Nevada or for that matter Virginia) doesn’t have the marginal economic import it used to, most of all because of modern agriculture.  His numbers on land strongly support my point rather than refuting it.   The measured consumer surplus from the internet is small, not large.  The evidence that more education would yield a high return is quite strong, see the earlier post today.  I’ve written about the benefits of deregulation in plenty of other places but in this book I wanted people to focus on technological rather than political issues.


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