H. Jess Seok, of Georgetown

Do any of you know this person?  If so, could you please contact her (?) and tell her that I could not open the email invitation I was sent today.  Thanks!


See, if this were Sweden, you wouldn't need that "her (?)".

Only if you were a Swedish gender studies/gender education person.

I know her. Contact sent.

This reminds me of that old experiment with degrees of separation and mailing letters getting to the right people without the initial person knowing the addresses.

Here we go: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Small_world_experiment

Is this something like what you were doing here? One might surmise that could be even fewer degrees between people in the Internet age, or at least that the time to advance across degrees would be considerably shortened.

someone (first) alerted me about this precisely ten minutes after this post, so it looks like it was a successful experiment.

Now how many people are going to or already have contacted you because of this?

No, I've never heard of her.

Did you try the GU directory? http://contact.georgetown.edu/index.cfm?Action=View&NetID=hs249

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