Assorted links

1. Many WWII bombs in Germany remain unexploded, and live, and they are (still) tracked with WWII reconnaissance photos.

2. Krugman can’t bring himself to present the figures on government spending.  Herbert Hoover raised spending and raised taxes too, in a slightly expansionary combination.  It is incorrect to take, say, a state governor who is pursuing a contractionary fiscal policy and liken that person to Hoover.  Krugman would do better to simply cede this historical point, which need not infringe upon his more general critique of contractionary policy.

3. What is a high mortgage default rate?, from Arnold Kling.  And Rortybomb, with links to Min, responds on GSEs, a useful post.

4. Are all non-Africans part Neanderthal?

5. A sign that “the Left” is falling apart too; how many hackneyed or false memes or misguided examples of us. vs. them thinking or mistakes of mood affiliation are in this blog post?  It is a veritable feast of fallacy and it should be studied by future historians.  (If you are looking for balance, try David Brooks on the contemporary right.)


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