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Wiki writes:

One way to think about it is how much even relatively wealth Americans (those who travel abroad) willingly pay for expensive internet access while traveling. The answer is: Not very much. Look at how many people put up with less internet than they’re used to or go out of their way to find a cafe with free wifi when hotel charges are on the order of $10 or $15 per hour. But since it often takes search plus travel time (say 15-30 mins) to get to these inconvenient locations that tells me it’s REALLY not worth more than a few hundred dollars a month for most people to have internet for several hours a day in the most convenient locations. And think of all the people who can’t afford to travel or who don’t bother to get smart phones or who pay for neither texting nor email.

The infovores are overvaluing themselves and the relative weight of their consumer surplus in the economy. Certainly compared to those who were heavy users of air travel (in for example the 1960s) or those who first encountered modern highways (1930s to 50s) or who benefited from mail order catalogs and phone books. And certainly compared to users of penicillin.


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