Should you start with volume II of Parfit?

Some say not, here’s from an Amazon review:

You get Volume II when you order the Kindle edition of Volume I. And you don’t want to start with Volume II. Trust me.

He is making it harder for me, not easier.


I'm sorry, but On What Matters is simply confused semantic gibberish in an attempt to justify the unjustifiable. Objective morals cannot be grounded in anything that we might be able to understand, especially using language. Every single sentence in What Matters is open to the criticism..."Well, what do you mean by [good, bad, reason, preference] etc. Its a profound energy drain and a sign of ivory tower insularity.

Insularity, I might add, from those things can most common sense people would agree matters, that is, suffering human beings around the world. Poverty, totalitarianism, abuse, violence etc. No, I guess I can't show they're "bad" in an objective sense, but Hume did that 200 years ago.

Insularity, I might add, from what clearly matters to any sensible person. That is, poverty, suffering, totalitarianism, violence etc. That I can't show these are objectively "bad" has been done by Hume 200 years ago, not to mention in Plato before that.

Did somebody say "confused semantic gibberish"?

Apparently I'm not immune :). Read the book and you'll see what I mean.

The same thing happened to me. Does anyone know if Amazon plans to do anything about this?

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