Assorted links

1. Are virtuousos now a dime a dozen?

2. The rules of blind cricket: “…the bowler must shout ‘Play!’ as he releases the ball. The delivery is required to pitch at least twice when bowled to a completely blind batsman (once when bowled to a partially sighted batsman), but must not be rolling. Totally blind batsmen cannot be out stumped, and must be found to be LBW twice before going out. Totally blind fielders are allowed to take a catch on the bounce.”  The game is especially popular in Australia.

3. There is no great stagnation (robot video).

4. Negative interest rates for Switzerland?; is the currency 71 percent overvalued?  Wow.

5. How well do GPS systems work and how do they shape us?  An extended essay (by the way, do you know of other good readings on this topic?  I am interested, thanks.)


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