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I'm skeptical that the Korean markets story is framed right. Are those "brand name" paper bags really more "luxurious" than some other paper bag? I doubt it. Rather, it's about how certain people are extremely brand-conscious and so willing to pay a lot for a paper bag. That may or may not be foolish, but it's certainly not about loving luxury.

I'm going to step out on a limb here and say that choosing one otherwise identical paper bag over another based on perceived brand prestige is foolish.

Erm, yes, I don't know about these exact stores, but you will actually tend to get higher quality bags at higher quality stores. Not that they resemble the price difference or are as good as a $1 bag you actually bought, but still.

4. No, no. Michele Bachmann is going to bring back $2 a gallon gas prices so why would anyone bother to produce more of it?

Most rhinoplasty surgeons offer free consultations. In the initial consultation the rhinoplasty surgeon will examine you and give you an estimate cost of the rhinoplasty surgery. Then he or she will ask for blood work and any additional test needed to know if you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery. Some surgeons may include these costs in the total cost of the procedure or may give you the option to choose a lab of your preference. In any case; you should only need to pay for the how much is the cost of the rhinoplasty surgery once your surgeon is sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.

How do you think she's going to get gas back down to $2?

"Drill, baby, Drill!"

5. Thanks though not totally sure how I got into the same paragraph as a German politician having an affair with a 16-year-old.

Just curious about the article "The Americas, Not the Middle East, Will Be the World Capital of Energy"...the writer seemed to deliver many arguments as facts, without any support. Where is this information coming from? The oil companies? The government? While I'd like to believe that is the reality, how is she backing up these statements?

What is an umbrella and why would you need one?
Dave from Denver, CO

You can use it to keep the snow from falling on you while you're outside walking around.

For those of us whose German is poor, what does the politician say?

In short, he said he has had a relationship with a 16yo girl for a few months in the beginning of 2011. While not illegal, he is stepping back from his duties as he misestimated the attitude of the general population towards their relationship

Scratch that, the relationship was in 2010, not 2011.

It's not really an apology at all...he bemoans at some length the fact that his private life has been made public, and he defends the relationship in question as exclusive, real, legal if morally bothersome to some, and based on love. Then he gets very emotional and resigns. He closes by asking for forgiveness if he doesn't answer any questions and closes with a "final personal remark" to the press in which he (I think bitterly) thanks them for their always consultative criticicism. Ouch.

If it was consensual I don't see why people should care. Isn't the age of consent 16 in Germany?

Yes it is. The relationship was perfectly legal.

That's what you get for being a conservative politician, I guess.

Ah! I didn't realize he was conservative. Why is it (or does it just seem so?) that it is the conservative ones that so often get caught in stuff like this?

It may just seem so... I always thought the Republicans in the US were more likely to have gay sex scandals because the political realities force them to be closeted (e.g. Larry Craig). But on the hetero front the last two I can think of (Wu and Weiner) were both Dems. Maybe my news feed has bias though.

what does the affair have to do with the eurozone?

Yeah, different E. Zone.

He also claims that the relationship was not an affair, as we was not involved with anyone else at the time.

affair: noun (plural af·fairs)
a. a sexual relationship between two people not married to each other
b. a romantic or passionate attachment typically of limited duration

By these definitions promiscuity seems a sufficient but not a necessary condition.

Here is how this should work. All the reporters should have to put their names on a sign-in sheet. If the guy and the girl are still together in 10 years, he gets to punch them all in the face.

Just got off the phone with a Chinese paper bag factory.

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