Claims about Manute Bol

As a child, he may have killed a lion; he quite possibly coined the phrase “my bad”; he certainly warned Congress about Osama bin Laden in 1993.

That is from a review of Jordan Conn’s The Defender, a new Kindle Single biography of Manute Bol.  I bought my copy right away.  There is an explanatory photo here.


A Philadelphia 76ers fan growing up I find these little tidbits pretty fascinating.

Also attempted 205 threes (or 203 more than Mark Eaton).

A couple more bball posts along these lines and I'll be willing to overlook that Jordan had a flat jumper troll post.

The only thing Chuck Norris fears is Manute Bol.

And not even that.

And this is why this blog is the best blog out there. RIP manute.

More here from an earlier TrueHoop post, including that he didn't actually kill a lion, but did plenty else that was plenty fascinating:

when I was growing up I had the manute bol life sized poster on my wall. it came in two pieces, and went up my wall and onto my ceiling.

I don't know if he actually killed a lion, but allegedly he once told a trash-talking Michael Jordan, "I've killed a lion, and you think I'm afraid of you?"

It's an oft-told tale, no doubt, but it makes me want to believe the lion-killing, true or not.

Looking at this, I think it's very unlikely that he's responsible for "my bad," since it was popular enough to be included in a book in 1985:

He probably just picked learned the phrase, some sports writers heard him use it, and a folk etymology was born.

Jonas Wood

Looking at this, I think it’s very unlikely that he’s responsible for “my bad,” since it was popular enough to be included in a book in

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