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In another sign of the influx, private jet flights between San Antonio and Mexico nearly doubled between 2008 and 2010, reaching 3,997 in 2010, according to city officials.

The city’s Mexican Entrepreneurs Association, founded 15 years ago, has grown from a handful of members to 200. On a recent evening, dozens of members and guests sipped red wine and nibbled canapes of smoked salmon and roast beef at a networking event.

…The number of investment visas given to Mexicans has risen sharply. A total of 10,512 E-1 and E-2 investment visas were granted to Mexicans from 2006 to 2010, a 73 percent increase over the previous five-year period, according to the State Department.

The article is about how the new wave of immigrants from Mexico, fleeing the drug war, are often very wealthy and highly educated.  Keep in mind that the overall yearly flow of Mexicans to the United States is now about a fifth of what it was in 2006.  Nonetheless, it is being called the “Mexodus.”


One segment of Americans migrating *to* Mexico:

I've seen some growing evidence of this here in Dallas. Maybe I'm just noticing it more recently, but I've been seeing a fair number of young, well-dressed early twenty-somethings from Mexico that stand out. They're more blonde/blue-eyed and speak Spanish a little differently - different accent/pronunciation/vocabulary or something. They often drive pretty decent (to outright fancy) cars with Mexican license plates (usually from Neuvo Leon or Cuahuila) and hang out more in the "yuppie" neighborhoods (and definitely not in the traditional Hispanic neighborhoods). Both their choice in clothes and cars seem to be more "European" in style and origin. I most often see them hanging around more upscale shopping centers and cafes, relaxing, shopping, chatting, laughing, smoking, and enjoying a cool drink. They seem to live pretty leisurely lives. I've joined a few groups on occasion when sitting near them at a cafe (I love having an excuse to practice my Spanish), and they strike me as pretty well-educated (often having gone to universities here in Texas), and are often quite witty and funny. They definitely seem to keep to themselves though, not interacting too much with either the gringos or other Hispanics in town - definitely their own tight-knit little group (and maybe a tad snobby).

I also think I've more of this group around lately in Dallas, but they've always been around at places like Zaguan & La Duni.

My wife just got back from a work trip to McAllen and heard about the recent surge in investment visas from several people. Amusingly, she, blonde & almost 6' tall, was spoken Spanish to by default in several restaurants there.

Fresas-- they're the only sort of Mexicans in Australia.

"they strike me as pretty well-educated (often having gone to universities here in Texas)"

LOL. Well educated. Texas? Sarcasm, right?

UT at Austin, Texas A&M at College Station, any questions???

Libertarians love to point out this or that smiley-faced anecdote about immigration. But as a white man on the ground in Texas, here's the facts: lazy asshole socialists from California keep migrating here and trying to change our politics. The problem is externalities. If we could fence off the Left coast this country might have a future.

Sorry white man but your opinion doesn't matter. Only blacks, latinos, and women have valid opinions.

Damn uppity whites.

No wonder people think Texas is its own nation.

This has always been the way of things, when I was in high school in Houston in the late eighties my classes were full of middle class to well healed Peruvians, who had been sent with their mothers to the US to escape the Shining Path, later it was Colombians fleeing cartel violence. My French class in my senior year of high school was almost entirely from Medellin.

It is tragic this happens, but these are among the best classes of immigrants, the prudent upper middle and business classes. It has hardly harmed Miami

"...the new wave of immigrants from Mexico, fleeing the drug war, are often very wealthy and highly educated."

The question is: are they here to stay, or are they just visiting until the violence subsides?

I can't see the harm either way. Of course, it'd be nicer if their dollars stayed.

Hmmm, so where are all the well-heeled Brazilians "fleeing" their far-worse-than-Monterrey hellhole homeland?

I know, they're in Miami. But they didn't exactly flee.

But in Brazil your armed guards stay loyal, and thus very little of that murder rate touches the upper and middle classes, in Mexico those classes have become very insecure.

If Brazil started down that path, the worst excesses of the Vargas regime would be the baseline for the new order very quickly, someting that Mexican elites can't even imagine.

Brazil has a strong state with strong institutions, it has been thus since the 19th century, it has just not cared until recently about much of its population. Mexico has a state so incredibly weak it is barely modern. This is not a new phenomena either, the Mexican state has never been very strong.

And I grew up with Nicaraguans at my private all male school in Tennessee. They all seem to live in Coral Gables now.

A smart rich Mexican could do worse than go the Roman Abramovich route by buying and funding a big sports team to make themselves a public figure. Then again Mexico ain't Russia ten years ago.

No surprise they are welcomed as they spending money in our economy and paying taxes here.

My mother's family fled Mexico 100 years ago for these reasons--they were members of the increasingly unpopular gentry, caught on the wrong side of the Mexican Revolution. They lost everything, settled in Oakland and became laborers and American citizens. Their children became professors, doctors, and lawyers.

The question of whether the new exodus will be temporary or permanent depends greatly on what they can reclaim when they go back. If they lose their Mexican property, then there is little reason to return.

How deliciously ironic that Meso-American gangs in San Diego, Phoenix and elsewhere now pose the same threat to this latest generation of Iberian-descended immigrants. I bet those saps thought they'd left that in the old country! What a funny little joke for El Tio Sam to play.

We first got the brown Mexicans. And now we get the white Mexicans.

I visited Mexico City a few years ago. I went to a bunch of very fancy restaurants where the ultra-rich locals go. The locals there are exclusively white. The staff is exclusively brown.

My family and I were the only brown people seated and not serving.

San Antonio Airport (KSAT) has a large number of firms providing maintenance to private jets as well as commercial operations. This might distort point (1).

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