How many Borders are being replaced by other bookstores?

The article is interesting throughout, but here are, to me, the salient bits:

Vanderbilt University in Nashville is moving its bookstore to a 27,000 square-foot former Borders, betting that the new location on the perimeter of campus can serve students and residents in an area where several bookstores have disappeared.

… Although Books-A-Million has taken over leases for more than a dozen Borders stores, and Barnes & Noble is expected to acquire some of its intellectual property, like the Web site, there were few takers for the Borders leases offered at auction in recent weeks under the bankruptcy process. Bidders were required to take over the lease under the existing terms…

…One niche that has proved attractive is Borders’ airport locations. The Hudson Group has taken over at least nine former Borders stores at airports in Las Vegas, Baltimore, Newark, Boston, Washington Dulles and Raleigh-Durham, in some cases, turning over the space in less than a week.

The day may yet come when one takes a flight to have a satisfactory book-browsing experience.


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