A sad story in the history of Italian justice, it seems

I was passing by the Perugian courthouse when they announced the acquittal of Amanda Knox, and the reaction of the crowd was not completely exemplary.  It seems they wanted her to be guilty, even though the supposed proof of her guilt was far from satisfactory.  I, for one, am happy to see her freed:

Knox seems determined to use prison as a comparative-literature graduate program. She continues to study Italian (which she now speaks fluently, with occasional sallies into jailhouse vernacular), reading textbooks from cover to cover three times each. She has also become proficient in German and French, and is studying Japanese, Chinese and Russian. She is devouring the Western canon, and lists in her journals each book she completes. She has become something of a specialist in Existentialism (Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil, Sartre’s No Exit and Nausea), Magical Realism (Calvino, Borges, Eco), Absurdism and Despair (Vonnegut, Beckett, Woody Allen, Kafka).

One story on the original trial is here.


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